We mostly try and avoid commenting on global events, as the long-term effects of any single action are almost impossible to predict. The results of the US election and the announcement of a viable coronavirus vaccine are of such magnitude, however, that we must at least consider… (Read more)

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Pensions and divorce: What are your options?

Despite often being one of the largest assets we have, pensions are considered by just 12% of those going through the divorce process. There are three options to choose when splitting pensions.
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The history of investing: What the past can teach us about market cycles

2020 was an eventful year. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world had a huge impact on life, which inevitably affected stock…
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How the tax freezes announced in the Budget could leave you worse off

While tax increases were not announced in the Budget, freezes mean that you could be worse off as the cost of living continues to rise.
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Why opening a pension for a child before they start school can unlock powerful growth

When saving for a child, a pension might not be the first thing you think of. However, tax relief and compound growth mean even a one-off contribution could help build their retirement nest egg.
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