We know cost is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a financial planner. We have a policy of being direct and upfront with you about the fees we charge for our services, when you will need to pay them and the most tax efficient way to do so.

Fees will usually reflect the time spent doing the work we have agreed, its complexity and the experience and qualifications of the personnel involved. We can offer the option of both plan-based or hourly fee structures.

Initial fee

We take an initial fixed fee in order to conduct a full review of your circumstances and to create an initial financial plan.

We tailor our financial plans to your needs and each initial financial plan or strategy is bespoke. An initial Strategic Financial Planning report will therefore be priced based on the complexity and work involved, but they typically fall within the range of £1,500 and £5,000. A standard report will usually be priced at £1,500. We are not currently required to charge VAT on the majority of our services.’

We generally find that our fee structure offers best value to clients with financial assets (cash, investments and pension values) of £200,000 plus.

The initial fee will typically cover:

  • Our initial meetings.

  • The fact-finding process, which will include understanding your objectives and your requirements.

  • Agreement of planning assumptions and timeframes.

  • Risk profiling, which will include understanding how you feel about investment risk and potential loss.

  • Liaison with your current plan and policy providers to provide a complete understanding of your current situation and analysis of each plan.

  • Bespoke cash flow modelling using market-leading software.

  • Designing an investment strategy in line with the above.

  • Researching, selecting and recommending suitable providers for your investment, pension and/or protection needs.

  • Providing all recommendations in writing with full fee disclosure.

  • Arranging and implementing your investment, pension and/or protection plans.

  • Liaison, meeting with or referral to, other professionals such as Accountants or Solicitors as required.

Implementation fee

If you wish to proceed to implementing our recommendations and setting up any new investment plans, we charge a one-off initial fee of 2% of the value of the investments up to £1 million. For implementation on funds in excess of £1 million, the initial fee is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Ongoing fee

We prefer to establish long-term relationships with clients and so encourage all clients to take advantage of our ongoing advice services.

We charge an ongoing adviser fee of 0.75% of assets under management for this service.

Please note that you are able to discontinue your ongoing fees and cease using our services at any time, with one month’s notice period, by confirming this to us in writing.

For an accurate assessment of your needs and how much our services will cost in your particular circumstances, we advise booking an initial meeting with us – for which there is no charge.

The ongoing fee will cover:

  • Annual reviews – we will normally meet with you on an annual basis to reaffirm our understanding of your objectives and risk strategy, confirm to you the current portfolio values and performance, and undertake a fee and ongoing service banding review. We will review funds and recommend any changes required. We will confirm ongoing suitability and recommend any changes required.

  • Face to face and/or video-based meetings as agreed.

  • Assistance and support in gaining online access to portfolio valuations where available.

  • Unlimited telephone and email access to your adviser and/or other team members as required.

  • Ongoing monitoring and appropriate due diligence of investment funds.

  • Occasional financial planning updates where relevant such as investment comment, company news, legal or budgetary changes.

When we will discuss fees with you

After an initial brief discussion to establish your requirements, it may be appropriate to arrange an initial meeting, which will normally be at our offices in Ampthill, but can be at your home, place of work or via online meeting, typically using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The purpose of the initial meeting is to establish whether we are able to assist with your needs and objectives and to discuss the fees for our services should you wish to engage us to proceed.

There is no charge for this initial meeting and no obligation on either side.

When fees become payable

If, after the initial consultation, you would like us to proceed with further work on your behalf we will agree with you how we will be paid for these services, in terms of an amount or an hourly rate, and the timing of such payment(s). The fees we charge will be subject to your upfront agreement and no charges will be made without prior notification in writing.

How can we help you?

For more information on how we can help you, and to take the next step in planning your ideal financial future, contact us using the direct messaging box on the right, or via our email or telephone contact details below.