Approaching or at retirement

Retirement brings with it lots of questions: When can I afford to retire? What will I do with my time once I’ve retired? And how much will retirement cost? Getting answers to your questions will help you feel more in control of your future, and our sophisticated interactive cash flow modelling tools will assist in answering those “what if?” questions.

Reaching retirement should be a cause for celebration. Giving up the daily routine of work can give you the freedom to pursue the things you’ve daydreamed about doing for years. Whether that’s seeing the sights on a world cruise, or staying closer to home, taking up a new hobby, helping the kids with their first step on the property ladder or getting more involved with the grandchildren, there are some big decisions to be taken.

Your retirement could last as long as your working life. You need to be confident you’ll have enough money to live comfortably and do the things you want for as long as your retirement lasts.

Clients often ask

How can I be sure I won’t run out of money in retirement?

It’s the question we get asked the most often. Knowing how much money is “enough” and that you’re on target to achieve that figure, means you can relax and enjoy the road to retirement. We use cutting edge Voyant cash flow modelling technology to predict with greater accuracy how much money you are likely to have and how much you are likely to need. And where there’s a discrepancy, we will build you a financial plan to suggest ways in which you can close the gap.

When am I able to retire?

Whenever you want if you have sufficient funds to live on!

Some people work until the age their state pension become payable and finish work that same week. Others continue working beyond this point in some capacity so that they can leave their pension untouched for as long as possible. Or in some cases, because they hate the thought of giving up the job they love. For many people, retirement can’t come soon enough. We’ll help you work out what’s achievable and just as importantly, which option is right for you.

Should I change my pension arrangements?

A pension is quite possibly the biggest and most important investment you will ever make, so you need to feel sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to how it’s invested, how it’s performing and how it’s drawn down. We’ll analyse your current arrangements and where we feel you could be achieving better returns, or that your pension pots could be better aligned to your risk profile or plans, we’ll recommend solutions and help you implement the changes.

How will I protect my family if something were to happen to me?

None of us like to think that our loved ones will suffer in the event that we are unable to work, are suddenly taken ill or die. While life isn’t always predictable, there are some simple things we can do to ensure those you care about are at least protected from the financial impact of life’s unforeseen events. We can provide peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of, whatever happens.

Why us?

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Why us?

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