Reimon and Julia


Reimon: My name is Reimon Pellegrini, and we’ve been clients of Woburn Street for just under five years.

Julia: Just over five years ago, we were approaching a stage in our life where we had some financial decisions to make. We really weren’t very clear on where we stood with our pensions. So, we thought the best thing to do before making these decisions was to take some financial advice. And we chose Woburn financial services to do that.

Reimon: We chose Woburn Street because we had discussed what we were planning on doing with friends, and they recommended making an appointment with Woburn Street.

Julia: Over the last five years, Woburn Street services have guided us through our pension process, primarily. Initially, when we went in there, we were really unclear as to what provision we’d made for our financial future into our retirement. They took all of our separate pensions, both my and Reimon’s pensions, investigated them thoroughly, and placed us in a far healthier financial position than we ever realised we were in at that time. This enabled us to bring forward plans for retirement much more quickly than we would have ever imagined possible.

Reimon: Working with Woburn Street has given us the confidence to retire early.

I wouldn’t have been able to make the decision to retire early without the advice and support of Woburn Street and their investigations and discoveries. There was even one pension we didn’t realise we had! It was this that gave us the ability to make that decision to retire.

Julia: In retirement, I’m looking forward to spending much more quality time at home with family and friends. Both myself and Reimon had jobs that meant we didn’t see much of each other. And we certainly didn’t see much of each other in a combined sense with our family. It was either I was at home with family, or he was, and we had very little time to spend during that together.

Just prior to our retirement, we had very sick parents who live around Winchester, north Wales. Retiring meant that we could spent their last months with them, without the worries of having to juggle work, asking for time off, or doing things separately because one had to stay and work and the other had time where they could go up.

We were able to do things together and spent a lot of time with them. But we would never have been able to do this before speaking to Woburn Street.

Reimon: The best thing about working with Helen at Woburn Street is the uncomplicated explanations of anything that we ask – the advice is always prompt and clearly explained.

Julia: The words I would use to describe Helen at Woburn Street are: professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable.

I would recommend people to use Woburn Street services to give themselves the opportunity to understand their own financial position, and what provisions they may need to make, whatever stage of life they happen to be in. Whether they’re younger and need to plan for their future, such as a young family, or whether they’re like us and about to go into retirement, everyone can benefit from this advice.

I think we all need to take advice throughout our financial lives because, for most of us, we understand work and earning money, but may have no understanding of investing or making the most out of that money if we’re not actually directly spending it.

Working with Woburn Street has given us the confidence to retire early

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