Liz and Trevor


Liz: Hi, my name is Liz, and this is my husband, Trevor. We’ve been working with Helen now for about two and a half years.

Trevor: I needed a financial planner to help with ensuring that my pension would meet our requirements moving forward. And, as I was still working, we needed advice from Helen on how best to invest the money that I was saving and any spare cash that we had available.

Liz: Helen was recommended by a previous work colleague, who had retired a little bit before I had. Although Woburn Street are not immediately local, a personal recommendation is always key for me. We made an initial call with Helen and then decided to move forward. We liked her attitude and the way that she worked with us generally.

Working with Helen has absolutely given me the confidence that retiring a little earlier was not going to be a challenge. I certainly didn’t want to set anything up that was going to affect our longer term financial future. But Helen has definitely shown us how to maximise what we’ve got and what we continue to save. I’m quite happy in my retirement, and calm and confident that we haven’t done anything silly.

Trevor: I wouldn’t be as confident in my financial future if we hadn’t worked with Helen. Helen pointed out quite quickly that some of the places I was saving money weren’t the most tax-efficient, or the best places for it. Helen’s advice was to make additional contributions into my pension scheme, which has increased my pension pot quite significantly and brought forward my potential retirement dates. She has helped greatly.
My three words to describe Helen would be: professional, friendly, and helpful.

Liz: The best thing about working with Helen is her ability to explain the absolute minefield of retirement finances as they are now in a confident and friendly way. This makes us feel, as clients, that we’ve done the right thing and have a sound, financially secure future.

I would absolutely recommend Helen to others; she was recommended to me, and we have very much been helped by Helen’s knowledge and expertise. It’s made us feel a lot more secure in our thinking about our finances. Helen’s friendly, knowledgeable, and professional way of working has made the whole process very easy for us.

Helen has made us feel more secure with regards to our financial future

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