My name is Doug Fishwick, I’ve been a client of Woburn Street since the end of 2017, coming up to four years.

The reason I got in touch with Woburn Street was because I’d just retired from the police service, having done 30 years. Part of my retirement package was a lump sum of money that I needed to invest and secure.

I chose Woburn Street as my financial advisor, because I hadn’t used one before. Danielle, who was the advisor is a friend of ours. That’s why I initially went to Danielle to seek some advice and guidance.

Danielle at Woburn actually started advise me prior to retiring. I went to her before I retired to say “Look, I’m going to be in receipt of this amount of money, can you give me some advice as to what I should do?” So, even before I went to Woburn Street, she was already giving some initial advice on what I should do with that money, where I should put it, and gave me a number of good options.

The best thing about working with Woburn Street putting to one side, the personal relationship with Danielle, who I knows a friend. Is their accessibility and honesty. The good communications we received from them, and they’re always available to give me advice even at short notice.

With Woburn Street, I’m really confident with the investments that they’ve used. When it came to my retirement I was very nervous, having that lump sum of money and not losing it and investing it sensibly. Woburn Street up been very reassuring with that, particularly in 2019 when my investments went down, and the advice they gave me then has come through. Which has given me confidence.

If I hadn’t worked with Woburn Street in managing my retirement package, I’d have been really nervous not knowing what to do with that money. I think they have given me sensible and good advice and that money has worked for me. I don’t think it would have if I hadn’t gone to Woburn Street.

I think the dangers of not going to see a financial advisor, are that you could squander the money. I have friends who have retired and have poorly invested their money, spent their money and I’ve invested my money with Woburn Street and I’ve seen a better return on my investments than I would have had just left in the bank.

The three words I would use to describe Woburn Street are professional, engaging and supportive.

I would absolutely recommend Woburn Street to anyone else who’s looking for financial advice and planning. They’ve being absolutely sound and supportive and good for me.

Woburn Street have enabled me to feel confident about my investments while in retirement

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