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3 insightful research findings that could help you navigate your “second 50”

A report suggests that life after 50 will be radically different for those who have recently celebrated the milestone or are nearing it when compared…
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Retirement planning: The importance of setting out your lifestyle goals

When you start thinking about the steps you need to take when retiring, your focus might be on the financial side. Yet, it’s often a…
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The 3 essential pension decisions you should review to avoid becoming a “triple defaulter”

Pension savers dubbed “triple defaulters” could be overlooking small changes to their pension that may make their long-term finances more secure. Have you reviewed these…
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Investment market update: December 2023

Many markets rallied during December based on the expectation that interest rates will start to fall in 2024. Read on to discover what else may…
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Research: How to slow the signs of ageing and feel healthier in your later years

American researchers have discovered eight habits that could slow the signs of ageing by up to six years. These measures all promote…
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Inflation is falling. Here’s what it could mean for your finances

High inflation has dominated headlines over the last two years. With the rate now slowly nearing the Bank of England’s (BoE) target, taking stock of…
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The pension Annual Allowance increased in 2023/24. Have you reviewed your contributions?

The pension Annual Allowance increased significantly in the 2023/24 tax year. If you haven’t already reviewed whether the changes could mean you can tax-efficiently add…
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Retirement planning: Should you consider a phased retirement?

Retirement can be an exciting milestone, but one that you might feel nervous about too. Setting out how to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want…
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Investment market update November 2023

While inflation is starting to ease in economies around the world, there are still signs of economic challenges ahead. Read on to find out what…
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3 helpful ways effective financial planning could ease health fears

NHS waiting lists have reached a record high and a survey suggests people are worried about the effect it could have on the care they…
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Cost vs value: What’s the difference when you’re making a financial plan?

When you’re making decisions, cost might be an important factor, but value could be just as crucial. Balancing cost and value in your financial plan…
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The families of 6 in 10 over-75s could face challenges if they lose mental capacity

A survey suggests more than half of people aged over 75 haven’t arranged a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). It’s an oversight that could mean…
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