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How to beat the potential harmful effects of “loss aversion” on your wealth

“Loss aversion” is a type of bias that could affect how you manage your finances. It’s a concept that was developed by renowned psychologist Daniel…
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Landlords could end up with larger Capital Gains Tax bill despite Budget cut

In the 2024 Budget, the chancellor announced a cut to the higher rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for residential property, which, on the surface,…
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Investment market update: April 2024

Interest rates and inflation continued to affect markets around the world in April 2024. Read on to find out what else may have affected investment…
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3 useful options you may want to consider when passing on assets to your loved ones

There’s more than one way to pass on wealth to your family. Which option is right for you could depend on a range of factors,…
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4 compelling reasons you might want to consolidate your pension

It’s been more than a decade since auto-enrolment was introduced, and now most workers automatically become members of their employer’s pension scheme. While more people…
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The value of financial planning: 5 fantastic ways tailored advice may help grow your wealth

Financial planning can help you to reach your life goals, and give you and your loved ones security and peace of mind. Over the next…
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More retirees may need to consider tax liability as State Pension nears the Personal Allowance

To be entitled to the new full State Pension, you need at least 35 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions or credits. If you have…
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Investment market update: February 2024

While many economies are still struggling with high inflation there are signs that the pace is starting to slow, which could pave the way for…
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Have you overlooked speaking to your beneficiaries as part of your estate plan?

You may already have your estate in order and have written your will accordingly, but have you overlooked the value of speaking to your beneficiaries?…
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A worrying 2 in 5 wealthy individuals have fallen victim to a financial scam

A recent survey reported by Professional Adviser revealed that 2 in 5 wealthy individuals have been the victim of financial crime. Of…
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More than 1 million investors are expected to pay Dividend Tax for the first time in 2024/25

More than 1 million investors will be hit with a Dividend Tax bill for the first time in the 2024/25 tax year, according to an…
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Are you risking a pension shortfall by overlooking longevity?

A survey suggests that some retirees could risk running out of money during their lifetime because they haven’t considered how long their assets need to…
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